Pressure Sender Units

The Sender is used for all pressure measurements - Oil, boost or fuel pressure.
As you have two ranges 0-5 and 0-10 bar to choose from, it is best to choose as sender based on your maximum possible pressure reading. In some cases a 0-2 Bar sender was supplied for boost, this sender is no longer available from VDO, you will have to use the 0-5 bar sender and possibly recalibrate it for maximum accuracy in a boost aplication.

Pressure Options:

  Part Number
Pressure Range Without Switch With Switch
0 - 5  Bar (0-72 PSI) 360 081 029 004 360 081 030 049
0-10 Bar (0-145 PSI) 360 081 029 012 360 081 030 052


Electrical Fitting: 3mm Stud with Thumb nut requiring a Round 3mm Insulated Ring Terminal

Thread: 1/8 NPT-27

The senders supplied with the EMS kits have one or two terminals:

G: Guage Terminal: Fitted on senders with one or two terminals. This terminal provides the analogue signal to the EMS oil pressure display and is conected to the GREY wire

WK: Warning Terminal: Only fitted to senders with two terminals. This terminal provides a on/off switch for the oil pressure light and is connected to the BLUE wire

In Boost aplications, the sender is either screwed directly into the housing, or sometimes an adapter is needed to adjust a larger thread to suit the sender thread.

In cases where space is limited or engine temperature will cause damage to the sender, an oil extension hose is supplied to fit the sender away from the engine.
These adapters are available in various sizes - see the Adapters section.

Senders carry a 6 month warranty from date of invoice.

Fitting Tips

These senders require and earth path to operate. Usually the sender is fitted in a metal housing which provides the earth path.

When fitting this sender, apply a bit of liquid thread sealant or thread lock such as loctite before screwing it in. This helps to keep the sender secure and ensures a leak proof seal.

Do not use thread tape as it will affect the electrical conduction from the sender to the housing.

If an extension hose if fitted, you will also be provided with a P clamp, this clamp is used to clamp the sender to the engine in a suitable location. Ensure that there is a good meton to metal contact path from the sender housing to the engine block.

Do not mount the pressure sender on the vehicle body as this will cause erratic readings.



EMS 1 Unit with Inclinometer
Automotive Range
Mining Machine Control Panel
Industrial Range
EMS2 in Ford Ranger
Automotive Range
EMS2 in a Land Rover Defender
Automotive Range
EMS2-Industrial in an Underground Tunnel Mining Machine
Industrial Range
EMS2-Industrial Field Test Kit
Industrial Range
EMS2 for Generator Safety
Industrial Range
EMS2-Industrial in Water Pump Panel
Industrial Range
Comming Soon EMS52
All Applications - 52mm Housing, OLED Screen
Custom Designed Products
All Applications - 52mm Housing, OLED Screen


  Systems to suit private and fleet vehicles such as Street cars, 4x4s, Pick-ups and Trucks in petrol or diesel
  Yellow Metal
Our units can be fitted in all varieties of earth moving machinery, forestry equipment, mining machines in both surface and sub-surface applications.
  Industrial (Plant)
Anything else with an engine such as generators, water pumps, stationary engines of all sizes running on either 12 or 24V DC electrical systems.
Custom Developments
Using the soon-to-be-released UG52 Platform, we are able to customise products to suit the customer's needs - Customised inputs, internal logic, tag names, branding and more.